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LED Aerospace Lighting

Considerations for Safely Adopting LEDs in Aerospace Lighting

By Darin Bernardi | June 10, 2015

The emergence of LEDs and their promise of energy savings, improved cost-efficiency, increased longevity and lower maintenance is driving rapid adoption. However, in some applications, their adoption may have come too soon. LEDs are inherently different than other light sources; thorough testing is necessary to understand how these differences...

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UV Photo-therapy

UV LED Performance Improvements Accelerate Market Adoption

By Adam Willsey | April 17, 2015

The promise of greater efficiency and reliability over a long lifetime has enabled LEDs to penetrate almost all lighting markets. They’re being installed in residential, industrial, healthcare, and office applications. Almost everywhere we go, LEDs are illuminating the environment. While visible LEDs are rapidly being adopted, manufacturers have been slow to embrace LEDs that operate…

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LED Feature1

Strategies in Light 2015: The Lighting Evolution Continues

By Adam Willsey | March 16, 2015

The lighting industry continues to evolve; the invention of the blue LED ushered in a new era of lighting. Now, advanced sensors, more efficient light sources, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) enable the development of smart lighting systems that can control light to improve productivity, safety, and our health. It’s an exciting time to work in the lighting industry and the Smart Lighting track was a welcome addition to Strategies in Light 2015.

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Photonics West 2015 IYL Celebrate Light

Photonics West 2015: Technical Revolution Transforming Manufacturing

By Adam Willsey | February 25, 2015

2015 was another record-breaking year for SPIE and Photonics West. More than 21,000 attendees converged on the Moscone Center; splitting their time between 1,266 exhibiting companies and more than 4,700 technical presentations. A special addition this year was the International Year of Light. Light-based technologies are transforming our world, beginning at the source: manufacturing. We’re able to operate smarter, more efficiently, and produce higher quality products. Those looking to harness these technologies head to Photonics West.

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SAE Aircraft Lighting

10 Updated SAE International Publications for the Aircraft Lighting Industry

By Darin Bernardi | January 22, 2015

SAE International plays a critical role in the aerospace industry. However, many are unaware of their contributions and how they’ve helped shape aircraft lighting. In this blog post, Darin Bernardi highlights the organization’s role and ten publications that they released in 2014.

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Airplanes Tarmac

Smart, Connected Products Promise to Transform our Airports

By Darin Bernardi | November 21, 2014

Every fall, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Aviation Lighting Committee (IESALC) holds an annual conference that brings together a diverse group of airfield lighting professionals, including; FAA officials, pilots, airport maintenance specialists, testing facilities, and airfield lighting equipment manufacturers. This committee is dedicated to safely – and efficiently – guiding aircraft in and…

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UV Light Technologies - Hospital Acquired

Could UV Light Technologies Help Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections?

By Adam Willsey | October 28, 2014

The Ebola virus continues to spread through West Africa, with new outbreaks surging in Monrovia, Liberia. Healthcare workers are struggling to contain the spread of the virus and unfortunately they risk contracting the virus in their efforts to care for those infected. Increasingly, there are reports of healthcare workers returning home – infected with Ebola. In…

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Biomimetic Antireflective Surfaces for Improved Lighting Efficiency

By Adam Willsey | October 5, 2014

Biomimetic research is leading to nanostructured surfaces that minimize reflections for more efficient photovoltaic and illumination systems. When presented with complex challenges, scientists and engineers often look to the natural world for inspiration– asking “how does nature solve this problem?” Eons of evolutionary development have resulted in remarkable natural capabilities: frictionless motion through water, aerodynamic wings that reduce…

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Glass Abrasion Resistance

Glass Abrasion Resistance Ensures Consistent Light Transmission

By Jim Forish | July 9, 2013

Exterior lights, whether on a jet, runway, or cell phone tower, must live up to high expectations. They alert pilots of obstacles and safely guide them to the runway. It’s critical that the light system provide consistent transmission through normal and adverse conditions. Exterior lights are exposed to harsh conditions like heavy smog, acid…

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Basics of Glass Tempering and Heat Strengthening

Basics of Glass Tempering and Heat Strengthening

By Adam Willsey | September 9, 2011

On a daily basis you encounter glass in all shapes, sizes, and compositions. Glass is used in many applications ranging from the glass for your cell phone screen to your car’s windshield. You can also find glass in impact and explosion resistant lighting applications in demanding environments like coal mines and oil rigs. In all these applications,…

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