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Disinfection Application for UV LEDs

UV LED Product Database Eases Selection Process As Market Grows

By Mike Ulizio | July 2, 2020

With hundreds of new UV LED’s available each year, researching and comparing the various options for your project is tedious and time-consuming.  To streamline the selection process, Kopp Glass updated our UV LED Product Database to now include over 1,380 UV LED products from 27 manufacturers—including products from industry leaders such as Seoul Viosys and SemiLEDs.

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Optimize UV LEDs

Optimize UV LED Arrays For Efficiency and Performance

By Sharayah Follett | July 18, 2018

UV curing systems using UV LED arrays without an optical element frequently allow light rays to miss the curing surface. This wasted energy leads to increased operating costs. Conversely, an optimized system will direct the bulk of UV rays to the intended surface.

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Increasing the Power and Efficiency of UV-C LED Devices

Increasing the Power and Efficiency of UV-C LED Devices

By Sharayah Follett | March 22, 2018

Kopp Glass has released a technical presentation of a comparative study on how optics can be used to increase UV-C LED efficiency and power titled,” Custom Molded UV-C Transmitting Glass Optics”. An overview of the study is now available for public download. The study was recently presented to industry professionals at…

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Abrasion Resistant Glass Lenses for Exterior Aircraft Lighting

New White Paper Demonstrates How Abrasion Resistant Lenses Lower Maintenance Costs

By Sharayah Follett | January 24, 2018

In this two-part study, Taber abrasion and high-velocity particulate impact testing are used to evaluate the suitability of borosilicate glass, polycarbonate, and aviation grade acrylic in exterior jet aircraft lighting applications.

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Kopp Glass UV LED Optic Design Lab

New UV LED Optic Design Lab

By Adam Willsey | October 2, 2017

Kopp Glass invites you to explore a new website created to streamline the optical design process in support of engineers and designers in the earliest stages of UV LED product development.

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Custom Glass Manufacturing

How to Customize Glass for New Light-based Technologies

By Mike Ulizio | August 19, 2016

Light-based technologies continue to advance at an impressive speed. They’re being used in new and emerging applications where the ability to control light is critical for success.

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Glass Properties eBook

The Definitive eBook on The Thermal, Optical, and Mechanical Properties of Glass

By Mike Ulizio | July 22, 2016

Designing a glass lens, filter, or component? Not sure how to best meet your performance requirements? Our comprehensive eBook on the properties of glass can help you.

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Custom UV Glass Optics Increase Irradiance

New Study Shows that Custom UV Glass Optics Increase UV LED Irradiance by 25% Compared to Quartz Rods

By Sharayah Follett | July 14, 2016

Maximizing a UV LED’s peak irradiance is imperative in many UV curing applications. More power can improve production speeds and increase throughput. UV LEDs are often arranged into linear arrays, where they are placed side-by-side in a row, and are usually protected by a flat window or an optic.

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RadTech 2016

UV LEDs Take Center Stage at RadTech UV+EB 2016

By Adam Willsey | June 1, 2016

RadTech UV+EB 2016 exceeded expectations for many. Attendance was at an all-time high with more than 1,400 attendees, including many attendees new to RadTech. The UV-curable market is growing and attracting new people to the conference. Much of this growth is being fueled by interest in UV LEDs, which have opened new applications for UV curable…

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Glass Manufacturing Methods

2 Common Glass Manufacturing Methods: Batch and Continuous Melting

By Adam Willsey | April 7, 2016

Differences in individual glass melting practices are driven by the scale and scope of the manufacturing, the glass composition needed, the downstream processes involved, and the ultimate product quality required. In this article, we’ll review two common glass manufacturing methods: continuous and batch melting.

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