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Pilot inspecting commercial plane


For more than 70 years, the aviation industry has relied on Kopp Glass to deliver lenses that meet color and transmission specifications to perform flawlessly in harsh, and low-visibility conditions so that pilots are able to deliver passengers safely to their destinations.

Baby in a pool


No one wants to put people’s lives at risk. High-end commercial swimming pools demand underwater light fixtures that meet strict industry requirements for construction, durability, illumination and safety. Our molded glass lenses excel on all points.

Scientific exploration of South Pole.


After all they’ve invested in time and money in research design and travel to get to the South Pole, the last thing scientists need is an equipment failure. Kopp created a custom, low-radioactivity glass formulation to improve sensor response with the ability to withstand the pressure and protect the equipment in sub-zero temperatures.

People in the cannon


When a startup wanted to build a medical device to mimic the healing power of the sun, Kopp Glass collaborated to create a custom composition designed to meet a specific transmission requirement. This molded glass product not only advances research in light science, it improves quality of life.

Kopp Glass Brings Brilliance to Light

As a high-performance custom glass manufacturer, we’ve engineered glass to perform in some of the harshest environments on earth. Every detail is analyzed—from the selection of raw materials to your specific requirements — so we can develop glass compositions and manufacture glass products that exceed your expectations.

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