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Increasing the Power and Efficiency of UV-C LED Devices

UV LED OpticsKopp Glass has released a technical presentation of a comparative study on how optics can be used to increase UV-C LED efficiency and power titled,” Custom Molded UV-C Transmitting Glass Optics”. An overview of the study is now available for public download.  The study was recently presented to industry professionals at the acclaimed International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) Americas 2018 conference by Brian Jasenak, Sr. Product Development Engineer.

The study demonstrates how molded glass optics help to produce homogenized irradiance distributions while maintaining a high level of efficiency and power when paired with UV-C LEDs. Kopp completed this research to demonstrate the potential for transitioning UV-C LED devices into higher powered applications. The addition of a low-expansion glass optic was shown to increase the efficiency of UV-C LEDs by 22% while also increasing light uniformity by 35%.

 Without Optic

UV Without Optic


With Optic

UV With Optics


Click here to download the presentation.


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About the author: Sharayah Follett

As the Director of Commercial Operations, Sharayah leads, develops and supports the full customer and product management lifecycle in core and emerging markets, from concept to commercialization. Sharayah’s role is unique; it allows her to collaborate directly with customers to understand their needs and then apply those insights to develop and execute marketing and sales strategies. Sharayah earned both her B.S. in Marketing and Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degrees from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Sharayah leads an active lifestyle; when not at work she can be found teaching spinning and boot camp classes or trying out new fitness classes and healthy restaurants around Pittsburgh.

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