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Helicopter Aviation Application

New Aviation Glass Digital Catalog and Spec Sheets

By Kopp Glass | January 25, 2016

For more than 50 years, we have manufactured glasses to meet the changing needs of the aerospace lighting industry. As a result, we have one of the largest portfolios of aviation colored glasses available.

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A Year of Light

A Year of Light: Notable Light-based Research and Technologies in 2015

By Kopp Glass | January 4, 2016

Looking back on 2015, it was a significant year for the lighting and photonics community; it was the year that the world celebrated light. Launched at the start of 2015, the International Year of Light (IYL) was a celebration of light and light-based technologies across the world.

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UV LED Light Source

New Technology Conference Highlights Growth of UV LED Curing

By Kopp Glass | December 1, 2015

Ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV LED) technologies are rapidly being adopted and used in a variety of applications; this progression is increasing year-over-year and continues to gain momentum.

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Airport Safety and Signal Lighting

IESALC 2015 Technology Meeting Highlights: Focus on Safety, New Technologies, FAA LED Update

By Kopp Glass | November 18, 2015

Total global air travel is increasing year-over-year; in 2014 air travel demand grew by 5.9% compared to 2013 and it has continued to grow throug

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Aerospace Application

SAE A20 Aircraft Lighting Committee Fall Meeting Highlights: New Standards Published, SWIR Updates, UAS Document Progress

By Darin Bernardi | November 3, 2015

On September 30 through October 1, I attended the SAE A20 Aircraft Lighting Steering Committee’s fall meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The committee consists of representatives from lighting manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), SAE, and aerospace lighting consultants.

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SAE A20 Meeting Update: MIL-STD-3009 Review, UAS Standard Needed

By Darin Bernardi | May 1, 2015

Last month, on March 25 and 26th, I attended the SAE A20 Aircraft Lighting Steering Committee spring meeting. Twice a year, representatives from aerospace companies like Boeing, Honeywell Aerospace, Luminator Aircraft Products, United Technologies Corporation, and Airbus meet with members of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and SAE. The goal of these meetings is to discuss and review SAE standards and documents to ensure that they remain relevant and reflect the latest technologies.

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UV Glass Application

5 New UV Bandpass Filter Glasses

By Kopp Glass | February 4, 2015

In response to growing industry demand, we have expanded our ultraviolet (UV) filter glass product line. We’re excited to share with you five new ultraviolet (UV) bandpass filter glasses; 1072, 1021, 1061, 1062, and 1091. These filter glasses can easily be substituted into your existing product specifications. They all have high transmittance in the UV-A region and in some cases the UV-B as well. In addition, these new glasses have been engineered for absorption in the visible and/or IR regions.

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LED lights

New Blog, “Glass Transforming Light,” Responds to Lighting Industry Technical Needs

By Kopp Glass | October 20, 2014

New blog bridges the gap between glass science and new lighting technologies in the interest of sharing knowledge to create a safer and more productive world.

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Colored Filter Glass

16 New Filter Glass Compositions

By Kopp Glass | January 30, 2014

In response to the growing demand for alternative, domestic filter glass suppliers, we have expanded our filter glass product line with several new industry-standard compositions, including: Ultraviolet (UV) bandpass filters Colored longpass filters Infrared (IR) transmitting filters They have been designed to be easily substituted into your existing product specifications and meet industry-standard spectral properties at nominal thickness.

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Colored Filter Glass

New Colored Filter Glass Catalog Featuring Enhanced Spectral Data and Upgraded Properties

By Kopp Glass | September 4, 2013

We recently launched a digital catalog which features our extensive product line of colored filter and night vision imaging system (NVIS) glass formulations engineered to transmit and absorb light in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared (IR) regions of the electromagnetic wavelength spectrum. Our digital colored filter glass catalog allows users to easily navigate our broad portfolio of filter glass solutions. 

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