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Since 1926, this is what history has taught us:

Our customers are people who push the envelope. They’re disruptors, innovators and industry shapers. After nearly a century of working with them, we know all about creating custom compositions and manufacturing complex parts that survive the punishing extremes of heat and cold, work in highly corrosive and abrasive environments, transmit or absorb light at precise wavelengths, and meet stringent requirements.

While we know plenty about the science, technology, and manufacture of high-performance glass, where Kopp really shines is in our daily working relationships with clients solving tough challenges.

We love to collaborate with people whose projects challenge us and push us beyond the status quo. It also helps that we’re from Pittsburgh, because hard work is in our DNA.

  • History of Kopp


  • History of glass coming out of the annealing oven

  • Storing custom molds

  • History of glass testing

If you’ve got a demanding technical glass challenge, bring it on. And let’s make history.