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Colored Filter Glass

Our colored filter glass compositions are engineered to transmit or absorb light across the radiant spectrum. These glasses are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including those for medical and scientific, advanced manufacturing, energy, aerospace, transportation, defense, life science, industrial equipment, and lighting industries.

Our filter glass compositions can be molded into complex forms that are traditionally difficult and expensive to achieve through fabricating. They’re also available as 6.5” squares of filter glass, which can be finished to exacting thicknesses and manufactured into a variety of shapes.

  • Kopp’s band pass filters are used to selectively transmit and absorb wavelength ranges across the visible spectrum. The filters are tailored to produce high transmission at targeted wavelength and colors while absorbing regions to improve performance. Blue filters have been used in a variety of applications such as photography, astronomy, photometers, and in electronic sorting machines. Blue-green and green filters are commonly used in electronic applications, such as in aviation instrumentation panels and in applications to help correct sensor response. These filters are highly useful for limiting the red and infrared response of sensors. While, amethyst bandpass filters have been used for diverse applications such as medical illumination and color correction of light sources with strong green and yellow signatures.

    Blue Transmission Graph

    Click here to view Blue Bandpass Filter Glass data.

    Blue-Green Transmission Graph

    Click here to view Blue-Green Bandpass Filter Glass data.

    Green Transmission Graph

    Click here to view Green Bandpass Filter Glass data.

    Amethyst Transmission Graph

    Click here to view Amethyst Bandpass Filter Glass data.