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Colored Filter Glass

Our colored filter glass compositions are engineered to transmit or absorb light across the radiant spectrum. These glasses are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including those for medical and scientific, advanced manufacturing, energy, aerospace, transportation, defense, life science, industrial equipment, and lighting industries.

Our filter glass compositions can be molded into complex forms that are traditionally difficult and expensive to achieve through fabricating. They’re also available as 6.5” squares of filter glass, which can be finished to exacting thicknesses and manufactured into a variety of shapes.

  • Black Transmission Graph

    Click here to view Black Filter Glass data.

    This filter glass is nearly opaque to all radiations between 200 nm and 5 µm when used at 1.5 - 4.1 mm thickness. This glass is useful for direct viewing of extremely high-intensity light sources such as the sun and some arc lamps as well as in calibration processes requiring full absorption.

    Neutral Density Transmission Graph

    Click here to view Neutral Density Filter Glass data.

    Neutral density filters evenly absorb light across the visible spectrum. They’re used to reduce transmittance of light in industrial and imaging applications. Lasers or other high intensity light sources can also cause damage to sensitive sensors and they may need to be attenuated with a neutral density filter. An excess of light can also cause over-exposure in imaging applications. Neutral density filters are also used to test the photometric accuracy of instruments such as spectrometers.