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New Webinar: Lens Material Selection for Exterior Aircraft Lighting

Glass v. Plastic Webinar

When designing an exterior aircraft lighting fixture, it is necessary to choose a cover lens material that is resistant to pressure, abrasion, and impact.  With the onset of LED technology, manufacturers of lighting fixtures essentially have two options for cover lens materials: glass or plastic. This decision affects safety, maintenance, and total cost of ownership. It has ramifications extending all the way to the aircraft owner. To effectively evaluate these materials, Kopp completed a two-part investigation that uses Taber abrasion and high-velocity particulate testing to assess the abrasion resistance of heat-strengthened borosilicate glass, hard-coated polycarbonate, and aviation grade acrylic. The investigation and results are now available in a Webinar format, narrated by Kopp Glass Engineer, Justine Galbraith, PhD.

Click here for access to the webinar!

The investigation concludes that borosilicate glass lenses can withstand the harsh operating environment of aerospace for more significant periods of time than their plastic counterparts, helping to increase the longevity and reliability of LED exterior lighting systems.

View the webinar here for a deeper explanation of the study, results and to learn how these conclusions affect maintenance procedures, the cost of ownership, and aircraft safety.

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