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Kopp Glass Exhibiting at LIGHTFAIR® International

Exhibiting at LightFairAt the upcoming LIGHTFAIR® International conference in Philadelphia, PA, Kopp Glass will feature versatility in custom molded glass solutions for a broad range of lighting challenges in technical, industrial and commercial applications.

Kopp’s expansive glass portfolio features more than 200 compositions engineered for optimal functionality in demanding environments while offering transmission from UV-IR ranges. Kopp’s lenses perform in applications as specialized as UV optics, as demanding as industrial lighting, and as quintessential as cover lenses for interior architectural lighting fixtures.

“Glass optics allow for better control of light output, giving it meaning and direction,” says Kopp Glass Director of Commercial Operations Sharayah Follett.

Innovative companies worldwide collaborate with Kopp to develop solutions to unique challenges every day. Whether adapting an existing product line or pioneering new technology, Kopp collaborates with customers throughout product development and realization. Material science, as well as engineering and manufacturing expertise, enables Kopp to deliver products that meet tight customer specifications resulting in highly differentiated product offerings.

Visit booth #5627 to discover the multifaceted possibilities of Kopp’s custom glass solutions.

LIGHTFAIR® International will take place on May 21-23 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. This event is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference that focuses on education, technology, and design. Kopp looks forward to seeing you there.

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About the author: Kopp Glass

Kopp Glass, Inc. manufactures high-performance glass for mission critical applications. Grounded in Pittsburgh, PA’s industrious history, Kopp employs applications engineering expertise to develop solutions that meet demanding specifications. Kopp’s material science mastery supports an expansive composition portfolio including over 200 glasses that transmit wavelengths from UV to visible to IR. For nearly a century, Kopp has helped customers effectively navigate emerging technologies and develop innovative products that enable a safer and more productive world.