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Kopp Glass Announces ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Clear GlassAs the world's leading manufacturer of precision molded technical glass lenses, we are pleased to announce that our Quality Management System has been certified as compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

"This certification marks a significant milestone for Kopp Glass and the company's on-going efforts in continuous improvement. Our Quality Management System will serve as the foundation that we will build on to continually improve our value proposition to customers." - Hugh Reed, Kopp Glass Director of Technical Services

Our custom engineered borosilicate lenses are found in products used throughout the world, Whenever industry demands a quality product that must withstand harsh environments, they look to us for our precision crafted, durable glass lenses.

"Becoming ISO certified was the next logical step for us to take in order to remain the industry leader in technical glass manufacturing. "Because the business environment is changing, potential customers around the world are more selective than ever as far as qualifying and selecting the types of companies that they choose to partner with. They want to conduct business with a stable, quality oriented company that focuses on continuous improvement and innovative design and development." - Darin Bernardi, Kopp Glass Director of Corporate Development

Offering registrations since 1995, P.R.I. is a quality systems registrar accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board. We selected P.R.I as our registration body because they are an active, reputable certification body for aerospace, environmental, and safety registrations. Their experience within the aerospace industry gave us confidence that they would hold us to the highest quality standards and help us ensure our products meet customer specifications.



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Kopp Glass, Inc. manufactures high-performance glass for mission critical applications. Grounded in Pittsburgh, PA’s industrious history, Kopp employs applications engineering expertise to develop solutions that meet demanding specifications. Kopp’s material science mastery supports an expansive composition portfolio including over 200 glasses that transmit wavelengths from UV to visible to IR. For nearly a century, Kopp has helped customers effectively navigate emerging technologies and develop innovative products that enable a safer and more productive world.