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16 New Filter Glass Compositions

In response to the growing demand for alternative, domestic filter glass suppliers, we have expanded our filter glass product line with several new industry-standard compositions, including:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) bandpass filters
  • Colored longpass filters
  • Infrared (IR) transmitting filters

They have been designed to be easily substituted into your existing product specifications and meet industry-standard spectral properties at nominal thickness.

We continue to offer the most extensive portfolio of colored and Night Vision (NVIS) filter glasses available on the market. From our factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we have the ability to offer competitive advantages to customers through reduced lead times, competitive pricing, and flexible order volumes on unfinished filter plates.

Specialized, custom solutions continue to be the core of our business practices. Where new glass compositions are required, our Research and Engineering team has significant experience developing glasses to meet target spectral requirements. Our fully integrated manufacturing facility and flexible melting capabilities allow us to develop customized filter solutions for projects of all sizes and scopes.

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About the author: Kopp Glass

Kopp Glass, Inc. manufactures high-performance glass for mission critical applications. Grounded in Pittsburgh, PA’s industrious history, Kopp employs applications engineering expertise to develop solutions that meet demanding specifications. Kopp’s material science mastery supports an expansive composition portfolio including over 200 glasses that transmit wavelengths from UV to visible to IR. For nearly a century, Kopp has helped customers effectively navigate emerging technologies and develop innovative products that enable a safer and more productive world.