Filter Glass for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS)

Kopp Glass is the industry leader for night vision goggle (NVG) compatible colored filter glass, having pioneered the development of the extensive product line in the 1980's. We offer a broad range of monolithic glass night vision filters in compliance with U.S. military specification MIL-STD-3009.

We are focused on meeting the challenges associated with the adoption of light emitting diode (LED) technology for aerospace applications. Our product line has been expanded to include many new LED compatible NVG filter glass offerings that are not only lighter but also have reduced nominal thickness requirements.

Color uniformity is critical for NVIS compatible lighting environments. Poor color uniformity can cause distractions and excessive color saturation which often leads to eye fatigue. MIL-STD-3009 specifies the acceptable color parameters and NVIS radiance requirements for various NVIS lighting applications. However, within the MIL-STD-3009 acceptable color circles, the color will appear varied. For this reason we have engineered our product line to meet narrowed ranges within the acceptable color specifications resulting in a superior filter product line with consistent and uniform spectral properties.

Our line of NVIS compatible and NVIS friendly glass filters includes:

We can modify or develop NVIS glass colors to accommodate various lamp sources and other factors. We offer comprehensive glass solutions from design and glass formulation through manufacture and finishing. Our technical team, consisting of glass scientists and optical engineers, is prepared to meet the most difficult challenges.



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