Custom molded glass manufacturing

For more than 85 years, we have developed custom molded glass solutions for customers in a wide range of industries. Our unique molding process allows us to create a variety of complex shapes and unique forms that are often difficult and expensive to achieve through machining or fabrication. We specialize in custom, small lot glass manufacturing and have the flexibility to adjust glass melt volumes and meet aggressive lead times.

We have an expansive glass portfolio that includes more than 200 different glass compositions. These glasses can be molded and designed to meet strict specifications for:

Our fully integrated research team, engineering facility, photometric lab, and mold shop enable us to assist you from the design phase of your project through mold construction, manufacturing, and finishing. Custom molded glass manufacturing Our technical services include Design for Six Sigma consulting so that your product design team can be sure that custom glass solutions are engineered to be produced as efficiently and flawlessly as possible. In 2014, 98% of our products were delivered on-time and in-spec.


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