Airfield Lighting - Runway & Taxiway Edge Lighting

Airports demand reliable airfield lighting products to ensure safety throughout varying operations and visibility conditions. Kopp is recognized as the trusted advisor for providing engineering, manufacturing, and application support through state-of-the-art testing equipment and engineering staff who are active in key industry organizations and committees.

Innovative airfield lighting manufactures work with Kopp Glass because of this expertise in technical glass which enables them to develop differentiated products that can command better margins. It is an exciting time in airfield and obstruction lighting as the industry looks to accelerate the replacement of traditional incandescent technology with more efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) systems. Leverage Kopp's industry and application expertise to expand your product line to include new energy efficient LED lighting products faster.

  • Kopp's Incandescent Airfield and Obstruction Lenses >
    • Runway and Taxiway Lenses:
    •  - L-861E - MB-1
       - L-804 - L-862SE
       - L-861 - L-862
       - L-861T - L-862E
       - MIRL - PAPI
       - L-850 - L-852
       - C-1  

    • Approach Lenses:
    •  - VASI - Convex Lenses

    • Obstruction & Beacon Lenses:
    •  - L-801 - L-810
       - L-864  

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