Glass for General Lighting Applications

Lighting engineers and designers who develop high performance lighting fixtures use our custom molded borosilicate glass as a lens solution that is ultraviolet (UV) resistant, highly durable, and chemically stable. Unlike most plastic lenses which are prone to degradation, our borosilicate glass is engineered for permanence - even in the most extreme environments

We develop glass solutions for a wide range of applications such as architectural lighting, street and display lighting, medical and dental lighting, inpavement, and many others.

We believe that innovation flourishes when barriers are replaced with solutions. We support engineers who seek product differentiation by providing them access to a deep reservoir of industry leading experts, scientist, and technologies. In today's world, where lighting technologies and materials are rapidly emerging, our intellectual capital is what makes us the preferred partner for lighting design.

The emergence of LEDs and other lighting technologies has introduced complex challenges to the lighting industry. Lighting engineers and designers must overcome these to realize their efficiency advantages. We offer solutions to common lighting challenges:

  • Tailored glass compositions that allow for greater efficiency
  • Color temperature correction without a significant loss in transmission
  • Retrofitting existing designs for new technologies




Learn how to design UV LED devices that maximize performance output, while reducing energy consumption.

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