Aerospace Lighting - Commercial Jet

Our aviation grade borosilicate glass is engineered for unparalleled performance to withstand extreme operating environments, resulting in improved safety and reduced maintenance costs for exterior aircraft lighting products.

Proven through third-party transparent material testing, our borosilicate glass maintains safe, and consistently high levels of light output despite continual exposure to particulate abrasion, thermal, and chemical stresses for more significant periods of time compared to their plastic counterparts. Thus, helping to increase the longevity and reliability of LED exterior lighting systems. Unlike most competing materials, borosilicate glass will not solarize or degrade in transmission when exposed to prolonged solar radiation (UV exposure)

Glass v. Plastic Abrasion Study



Defense & Security - Fighter Jet

Many of our product lines support the development of highly innovative detection, navigation, and guidance systems and equipment such as:

Our complete line of color filter glasses can be tailored to meet specific wavelength requirements resulting in improved system performance. We also have the unique capability to provide all of our specialty glasses as custom molded, precision components.

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