Custom molded filter glass


When most people think about filter glass, they likely imagine 6” x 6” squares. Filter glass has been manufactured in this format for decades. We make squares too. However, engineers designing new products often assume that their only option is to start square and to then design around that limitation.

But there’s another option - we can mold filter glass. This allows our customers to create complex contoured shapes that are traditionally difficult and expensive to achieve through machining. Instead of being limited by the square, engineers now have the flexibility and freedom to consider other design choices that will help them create new and innovative products.

Blank glass filter material


Filter material is also available in our recently enhanced, unfinished format for flexible order volumes, industry-leading production turnaround, and upgraded spectral and physical properties. Our new 6" to 6-1/2" square format blank features superior surface quality with filters supplied at nominal thickness (+2mm/-0mm) for more efficient processing and ease of inspection.


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