Considerations for Safely Adopting LEDs in Aerospace Lighting

LED Aerospace Lighting

The emergence of LEDs and their promise of energy savings, improved cost-efficiency, increased longevity and lower maintenance is driving rapid adoption. However, in some applications, their adoption may have come too soon. LEDs are inherently different than other light sources; thorough testing is necessary to understand how these differences impact existing lighting systems. Reducing operating…


SAE A20 Meeting Update: MIL-STD-3009 Review, UAS Standard Needed

MIL-STD-3009 SAE A20 Review

Last month, on March 25 and 26th, I attended the SAE A20 Aircraft Lighting Steering Committee spring meeting. Twice a year, representatives from aerospace companies like Boeing, Honeywell Aerospace, Luminator Aircraft Products, United Technologies Corporation, and Airbus meet with members of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and SAE. The goal of these meetings is to…


New NVIS & IR Transmitting Filter Glass Digital Catalog & Data Specification Tool

When utilizing night vision imaging systems (NVIS) it is imperative that all lighting within the field of view be compatible. We provide filter glass solutions designed to ensure compatible lighting across a broad range of applications, including: Crew station illumination Exterior aircraft lighting Handheld or portable lighting Vehicular and convey lighting Airfield, heliport and other…


2 New NVIS Green A Intruder Filter Options

We’re excited to announce the development of two new glass formulations that meet aerospace industry specifications for night vision imaging systems (NVIS). KO521 – Green A Intruder LED-compatible Glass Filter: Low Weight, High Transmission The new K0521 NVIS filter maintains a similar chromaticity to its incandescent filter counterpart when using specific white LEDs. Resulting filtered…


2 New Low-weight, High-transmission, White LED-compatible, NVIS Glass Formulations

Two new formulations were designed for the aerospace market and are compatible with night vision imaging systems (NVIS). Products made from these compositions can be used in civilian or military aircraft to function as annunciators, indicators, and cockpit display light filters. We developed K0321 (0.5 mm application thickness) and K0323 (1.0 mm application thickness) in…