How to Customize Glass for Light-based Technologies

How to Customize Glass for New Light-based Technologies

Light-based technologies continue to advance at an impressive speed. They’re being used in new and emerging applications where the ability to control light is critical for success. Ultraviolet (UV) light is used to treat skin disorders, such as jaundice and eczema. In phototherapy applications, it’s important to block dangerous UVC light so that it doesn’t…

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The Properties of Glass eBook

The Definitive eBook on The Thermal, Optical, and Mechanical Properties of Glass

Designing a glass lens, filter, or component? Not sure how to best meet your performance requirements? Our comprehensive eBook on the properties of glass can help you.   Glass is a unique and complex material—much different than other transparent materials; if you’re new to designing glass lenses, it can be an intimidating challenge. You’re probably wondering why…

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Batch Glass Melting

2 Common Glass Manufacturing Methods: Batch and Continuous Melting

Differences in individual glass melting practices are driven by the scale and scope of the manufacturing, the glass composition needed, the downstream processes involved, and the ultimate product quality required. In this article, we’ll review two common glass manufacturing methods: continuous and batch melting. As with any manufacturing process, glass melting can be broadly subdivided…

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Chromaticity Basics, Calculations, Factors, and Applications

Chromaticity Basics: Factors, Calculation, and Application

Color is a universal language. At traffic lights around the world, drivers understand to stop on red and go on green. For many signaling applications, including those in the railroad and aerospace industry, operators are trained to recognize and respond to very specific colors. So how do you make sure that your light fixture outputs…

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Transparent Material Comparison, Silicone, Glass, Polycarbonate

The Clear Choice: How to Choose the Best Transparent Material

There are many transparent materials out there for you to consider when designing a lens for a lighting application. Take a look at the image above; these different transparent materials all look fairly similar don’t they? You may be asking yourself “What makes glasses and plastics so different? Which material is right for my lens?”…

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