UV Glass Optic Mixes Multi UV LED Wavelengths

New UV Glass Optic Mixes Wavelengths from Multi-UV LED Array

To help accelerate UV LED adoption within the UV curing market, we developed a new optical solution that utilizes LEDs of various UV wavelengths to produce a mixed, uniform light output. For decades, mercury (Hg) vapor lamps have been the most common light source used for UV curing applications. However, as UV LED technology improves, they’re…

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UV Longpass Filters for UV LEDs

3 New UV Transmitting Longpass Filter Glasses

Improvements to UV LED technology is accelerating their adoption into an increasing number of markets. They are being used and considered for many applications, such as UV curing, medical phototherapy, sensing, non-destructive testing, fluorescence microscopy, and even UV sterilization. In many of these applications, the light source needs to be protected or optimized with a…

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Aviation Glass Catalog

New Aviation Glass Digital Catalog and Spec Sheets

For more than 50 years, we have manufactured glasses to meet the changing needs of the aerospace lighting industry. As a result, we have one of the largest portfolios of aviation colored glasses available. We’re pleased to announce that you can view these glasses in a new digital format; our new aviation glass catalog is…

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UV Nondestructive Testing Aerospace

5 New UV Bandpass Filter Glasses

  In response to growing industry demand, we have expanded our ultraviolet (UV) filter glass product line. We’re excited to share with you five new ultraviolet (UV) bandpass filter glasses; 1072, 1021, 1061, 1062, and 1091. These filter glasses can easily be substituted into your existing product specifications. They all have high transmittance in the UV-A…

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Filter Glass Spectral Calculator Provides Data for Better Product Design

 Our new filter glass spectral calculator allows you to adjust glass thickness based on your design needs and then provides you with the corresponding transmittance data. This helps you to select a glass that will meet both your transmission and design needs. In precision applications like colorimetry, instrument and lighting calibration, fluorescent diagnostic imaging, or…

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