In harsh environments, it's essential to use durable materials that won't degrade over time. Exterior lights used in the aerospace industry, whether on a jet or a runway, are frequently exposed to corrosive and abrasive pollutants. Over time, exposure to heavy smog, acid rain, deicing fluids, petroleum based fuel, hydraulic fluids, and air pollutants can abrade the lens. Once a lens surface is abraded, transmission is often reduced, which means the lens may no longer meet regulatory requirements.

Our aviation glasses are often preferred for harsh, demanding applications due to their superior durability and resistance to abrasion, chemical corrosion, and thermal shock. Not only do they meet performance specifications, but our glass formulations are also designed to meet industry and regulatory standards, including:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC)
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

The emergence of LEDs has disrupted the aerospace lighting industry; lighting manufacturers must now meet new specifications and requirements for these light sources. Our aviation glass catalog includes glasses that are compatible with specific light sources, such as white and colored LEDs, plasma, HID, and incandescent.

Explore our aviation glass catalog using the colored glass icons below. Download the data you need to select the best glass for your most demanding application.

Aviation Glass Spec Sheets

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